The Place - Bryggjan (Strangata 49)

Bryggjan houseStrandgata 49(bryggjan's location) has a great and remarkable history. The building's history is an inherent part of the pier in Akureyri, where it has remained 140 years and is also the oldest house standing on Oddeyri. The house was mostly industrial and retail. The house was mostly industrial and retail, Tryggvi Gunnarsson and Arnliot Olafsson bought it. There compay Granúfélagið "grant" Company was very prominent in the decades before the tide around 1900 and then it came into the possession of the United Icelandic stores who had their offices in this house until 1962. Then the mechanical shop Oddi which operated until quite to 1992 and was the house become transformed from within. In the fall of 1993, completed the restoration of the house and opened the restaurant Pollurinn "Pond" which drew its name from the location of the house. Ten years later completed activities and refreshments local nightclub opened there. The house has usually been taught at engineering factory, whether people with the original mechanical engineering or a club. Now it is about to begin yet another story of this magnificent house and we hope that you take part in shaping it with us Bryggjan is open from 11:30 to 13:00 and then again from 17:00 to 22:00. 


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